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Setting state using cookies

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is stateless, but cookies allow it to keep context consistent over the course of a session. In other words, by having our browser automatically exchange small am...

Measuring page performance

The need for fast and responsive applications has never been greater because of the move from desktop to mobile. Still, web applications have been increasing in complexity and size, with rising load t...

Using script recorders

With Puppeteer and Playwright, writing scripts by hand is not the only option. Since browser automation first became possible, there have always been tools trying to simplify script creation. Such ins...

E2E File Download

Websites might expose files for users to download and then access from their local machine. Common cases are downloading tickets, receipts and itineraries. Steps This example runs against our test w...

Intercepting requests

When we browse the web, a series of HTTP requests and responses are exchanged between our browser and the pages we are visiting. There are scenarios in which it is useful to monitor or manipulate this...

Scraping pages

We call the action of extracting data from web pages web scraping. Scraping is useful for a variety of use cases: In testing and monitoring, asserting against the state of one or more elements on a p...

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