E2E Account Settings

Most services allow users to manage their account settings. These oftentimes have far-reaching implications on how the user experiences the platform. Verifying that the account settings can be viewed and modified is key in making sure we are offering a smooth service.

# Steps

Account properties to verify can run the gamut from simple text to connected third party services. In this example, we will focus on a popular case: changing a profile image by uploading one of our own.

On our test site (opens new window), such a test could look as follows:

      Here, we are simply checking for a message giving us feedback on the status of the upload. Depending on the website we are testing, it might be possible to also download the profile image afterwards to run a comparison locally for a more robust check.

      # Takeaways

      1. Use environment variables to inject secrets.
      2. Use uploadFile (Puppeteer) or setInputFiles (Playwright) to upload the file.
      3. If possible, download the file from the platform and compare it with the one that was just uploaded.

      # Further reading

      1. Official documentation on file upload with Puppeteer (opens new window) and Playwright (opens new window).