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E2E File Download

Websites might expose files for users to download and then access from their local machine. Common cases are downloading tickets, receipts and itineraries. Steps This example runs against our test w...

E2E Account Settings

Most services allow users to manage their account settings. These oftentimes have far-reaching implications on how the user experiences the platform. Verifying that the account settings can be viewed and modified is key in making sure we are offering a smooth service.

Keeping tests valuable

Headless browsers can be leveraged for testing in a variety of ways, and different scenarios do command different approaches. That being said, there are some general pointers most should follow in order to keep their tests valuable.

Here, we define valuable as sustainably expressing meaningful, truthful information about the state of a system. A test that does not reliably fulfill these criteria should be fixed, if possible, or simply removed.

E2E Search

Searching a website is an everyday action for most internet users. For most services, the speed at which their customers are able to get to the products they are looking for is directly tied to revenue. To enable that, a performant and reliable search function is needed.

E2E Coupon

Webshops and subscription-based services often offer discounts through coupon codes. Applying a valid coupon code during checkout might reduce the price of one, several, or all items in the shopping cart.