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E2E Checkout

Another key website flow that needs to be closely monitored is any sort of checkout. You want to be 100% sure your users are able to pay for goods or services you might be offering, at any given time.

E2E Signup

Signups are key transactions in most web platforms, and therefore prime targets for automation.

Oftentimes, registering an account is where we will find longer forms asking the user to answer a variety of questions. Luckily, Puppeteer and Playwright are quick enough to blaze through these in seconds.

E2E Login

When automating key site transactions, we inevitably stumble into login scenarios. In most cases, users need to be able to access accounts on a platform to get any value out of it. If they suddenly become unable to do so, we need to be informed as quickly as possible.

Login with Google

Social login using your personal Google or Google Gsuite account is a common use case for many login scenarios.

# Steps

  1. We start at a site that offers Google as an authentication provider. In this case we use Stack Overflow.
  2. We fetch the login page and click the "Login with Google" button.
  3. We are redirect to Google.
  4. We provide the username and password, injected by using environment variables.
  5. We are redirected back to the starting.

Microsoft Live login

Puppeteer and Playwright also allow us to automate logging in to a Microsoft Live account.

# Steps

  1. We start at https://login.live.com
  2. We provide the username and password, injected by using environment variables
  3. We are redirected to the main account page